Braid Released for Mac OS X

[Jonathan Blow’s 2008 independent games masterpiece is now available for the Mac][link]. If you haven’t played it yet, you are missing out, and you no longer have an excuse.

[link]: “”


Wayfarer, A 3D Roguelike Written in Processing

[Pretty alpha, but also pretty fun][link]. Looking forward to more from this guy.

[link]: “Wayfarer (alpha)”


Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes

[Hey, Square, having a fan base that LOVES your stuff so much they’re willing to put in their own work and time (hundreds of hours) on what amounts to FREE PROMOTION for it][link]? That’s not a problem. That’s an incredible gift that you just shit on. Again.

They had another opportunity like this a few years ago, on a little project called [Chrono Resurrection][res].

How many creators out there would give a not insignificant portion of their reproductive organs to have fans that care that much?

[link]: “Destructoid – Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes”
[res]: “Chrono Resurrection”


Konami Code Sites

[↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A][link]

via [John Gruber][via]

[link]: “Konami Code Sites”
[via]: “Daring Fireball”


The Cover Project

[Hi-res scans of cover and box art for video games][link]. They carry scans of newer games, which to me is a bit unnecessary, but they have a wealth of covers for NES, SNES, 3DO, Intellivision, etc.

[link]: “The Cover Project > Home”


Jason Scott’s Presentation on Platform Studies from Notacon 6

[In short: Context is king][link]. His central theme seems to be that simply looking at the rulesets of old games is missing the point. The platform itself informs the game to a huge degree.

[link]: “Internet Archive: Details: Super Jason Scott Presentation 64”


LostLevels Dumps Superman Prototype for NES

[Which means you can download it][link]. This Superman is a prototype which was [eventually renamed Sunman][sunman], with the logo changed. [Sunman was never released, but it is fully playable][sunplay]. It is not at all the same [Superman game released by KEMCO for the NES][nes]. Gameplay is very similar to another Sunsoft superhero game [Batman: Return of the Joker][bats].

[link]: “Lost Levels :: View topic – 24 new dumps, including 2 unreleased games”
[nes]: “Superman for the NES”
[sunman]: “Sunman”
[sunplay]: “Sunman on LostLevels”
[bats]: “Batman: Return of the Joker”

Links Now Selling WiiWare Game Codes

[Following the Xbox Live Arcade codes, this is no surprise, but nice to see][link]. Also of interest to me: Amazon does not allow their associates to get commissions on these cards. Profit margin must be close to zero, if not into the red.

[link]: “ World of Goo [Online Game Code]: Wii: Video Games”


Braid Artist David Hellman Releases The Game’s Art Resources

[A bit late for the initial craze][link], but I’m sure the quality of fan-made stuff will only go up. Includes: Level icons, animated GIFs, and some gorgeous wallpapers.

[link]: “David Hellman .net – Braid”


My Brute

[Flashed-based fighting game where you generate a character that automatically fights][link]. Weird little game.

[link]: “PhilNelson My Brute”


Sonic The Hedgehog Series Bible

>[The Sonic Bible was an internal document created by SOA][link] to provide a localised history and overall philosophy for Sonic and the Sonic universe. It is apparently not based on the Japanese history.

The [series bible][bible] for Sonic The Hedgehog from Sega’s launch of the first Sonic game in the US.

[link]: “Sonic The Hedgehog Bible – Sonic Retro Message Board”
[bible]: “Series bible”


Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch ROM Released

[The unreleased sequel to Punch Out!!][link], now available for download or purchase in the form of [a reproduction cart][cart].

[link]: “GameSetWatch – Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch ROM Released”
[cart]: “Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch”

Links Now Selling Xbox Live Arcade Games

[This is a pretty big deal][link]. Amazon selling download codes for XBLA games is a good step for retailers getting in on the downloadable action, which will get more exposure to download-only games, which will get everybody paid more. I hope.

[link]: “ Xbox Live Store”


“As long as there are people at this company who want to make SCUMM games, we’ll make them.”

[Tim Schafer’s advice regarding wether you should care about game sales figures][link]: If you don’t have money on the line, don’t sweat it.

[link]: “Double Fine Action News: Actually, I think it might have been a Furby, not a Kitten”


This Isn’t Pop: When Video Game Music Inspired By Popular Music Is A Little Too Inspired

*This is a post carried-over from the blog archives on, my previous site.*

Video games have a long and storied history of borrowing heavily from popular music. This post will be updated with samples as I get them suggested to me, which you can do using the information above this post. In each case I have used less than 20 seconds of the songs in question, which I believe to be covered under fair use. If you want to hear the whole song, buy it. I will not provide you with any of them, so don’t ask.

### Mega Man X2’s Neon Tiger Stage Music .vs. Guns n’ Roses’ “My Michelle”

[Here is the audio file for comparison][gnrfile]. First you will hear a snippet from Neon Tiger’s theme, then a small pause, then a snippet from My Michelle. You can, of course, purchase the Guns n’ Roses album [Appetite for Destruction][appe] from This, and the following two suggestions, come from [this blog post][post1].

[post1]: “Megaman and 80s music”
[gnrfile]: “GNR .vs. Mega Man”
[appe]: “Appetite for Destruction on amazon mp3”

### Mega Man 1’s ElecMan Theme .vs. Journey’s “Faithfully”

[Here is the audio file for comparison][jour]. Again, you will hear ElecMan’s music first, then a pause, then Journey. You can (and I encourage you to) purchase [Journey’s Greatest Hits album][jouralbum] from Amazon.

[jour]: “ElecMan .vs. Faithfully”
[jouralbum]: “Journey’s Greatest Hits on Amazon mp3”

### Mega Man 2’s Flash Man Theme .vs. Chicago’s “I’m A Man”

[Here is the audio file for comparison.][chicago] You can purchase [Chicago’s Greatest Hits][chihits] on Amazon. It’s a good investment.

[chicago]: “Flash Man .vs. Chicago”
[chihits]: “Chicago’s Greatest Hits on Amazon mp3”

### Robo’s Theme (Chrono Trigger) .vs. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

[Here is the audio file for comparison][roboast]. Yes, it was only a matter of time before this descended into a Rick Roll. This one is a bit more tenuous, but it’s definitely noticeable. I would say it’s more of a case of borrowing than the previous tracks, which are a bit more blatant. I heartily suggest you [purchase Chrono Trigger][ct] if you have never played it. It’s my favorite RPG of all time. The composer of the piece, Yasunori Mitsuda, also did [the soundtrack for Chrono Cross][ccost], which is one of the most lush and beautiful game sound tracks ever.

[roboast]: “Robo’s Theme .vs. Rick Astley”
[ct]: “Chrono Trigger of Nintendo DS on”
[ccost]: “Chrono Cross soundtrack”

### Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) Stage 5 Overworld .vs. The Beatles’ “Come Together”

[Here is the audio file for comparison][tmntbeat]. This is another fairly blatant one, though it’s got some nice touches, and is part of one of the great Konami NES soundtracks.

[tmntbeat]: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .vs. The Beatles”

### DOOM (1 & 2) .vs. Various Metal Bands

[Here’s a youtube video][doom] comparing various songs from the smash-hit first person shooter DOOM to various songs from the likes of Metallica, Pantera, et. al.

[doom]: “DOOM .vs. Metal”

### Wild ARMs Overworld Theme .vs. Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold”

[Here is the audio file for comparison][wildarms]. This one is maybe the most blatant thus far, especially considering the desert context. Morricone wrote the scores for many great westerns, most famously [The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly][gbu].

[wildarms]: “Wild ARMs .vs. Ennio Morricone”
[gbu]: “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

### California Games (NES) Title Theme .vs. Louie, Louie

[Here is the audio file for comparison][louie]. I have a feeling that the basic structure of Louie, Louie is subject of a lot of game homage. [Louie, Louie is a most infamous song][louiewik], with the version done by The Kingsmen making them the subject of an FBI investigation.

[louie]: “California Games .vs. Louie, Louie”
[louiewik]: “Louie, Louie on Wikipedia”


No Zombie Is Safe From Chicago Ted

As if it wasn’t already easy to love Left 4 Dead, they give me this:

My friends [The Urinal Mints][mints] have a song titled “[Chicago Ted][song]”

According to Urinal Mints frontman Garth Plinko, the phrase stems from a message he (and apparently many others) had read scrawled on a bathroom wall, ending with “No bitch is safe from Chicago Ted.” The Internet’s own Seanbaby [reported this phenomenon][sean] many years ago.

The Urinal Mints were also featured on [issue 6 of Warren Ellis’ podcast, the 4am][ellis].

[gf]: “Chicago Ted in L4D”
[song]: “Chicago Ted by The Urinal Mints”
[mints]: “The Urinal Mints”
[ellis]: “Warren Ellis: the 4am 6”
[sean]: “Seanbaby on Chicago Ted”