Day: August 10, 2009

  • WIND, Canada’s New Wireless Carrier

    [Sadly, it does not say when they launch][link]. Their [mission statement][mission] gives me a slight bit of hope: >Simply put, we want to create the most unforgettably positive customer experience in Canada. … which has the added benefit of being the opposite of what the major two Wireless carriers in Canada, [Bell][bell] and [Rogers][rogers], provide.…

  • Facebook Acquires FriendFeed

    [Financial terms not disclosed, as usual][link]. The acquisition makes sense as Facebook has basically spent the last 6 months trying to emulate FriendFeed and Twitter. [link]: “Facebook Acquires FriendFeed”

  • URL-Shortening Service To Shut Down

    [URLs will continue to function until 31 December 2009 and will then go dead][link]. Yet another reason to use a self-hosted short URL service with a system like my own [la petite url][la]. *Update:* [ has reversed it’s decision to shut down][reverse]. [link]: “ URLs | to December 31, 2009” [la]: “la…