Day: August 28, 2009

  • Weekly World News on Google Books

    [The venerable American institution in what looks to be a complete archive][link] on Google Books, going back to [January 6th, 1981][first]. [link]: “Weekly World News – Google Books” [first]: “Weekly World News from January 6th 1981”

  • Hitchcock

    [A mobile storyboarding application for iPhone][link]. Looks great, and is a prime example of a wide category of iPhone applications: Stuff I want but will never have any practical use for. [link]: “Hitchcock – Mobile storyboarding for your iphone”

  • First Close-Up Image of a Single Molecule

    >As part of a greater effort to someday build computing elements at an atomic scale, IBM scientists in Zurich have taken the highest-resolution image ever of an individual molecule using non-contact atomic force microscopy. [The picture is giving me a headache][link]. [link]: “IBM Scientists Take First Close-Up Image of a Single Molecule | Popular…