Day: November 26, 2009

  • Chrono Trigger is #2 in GameSpite’s “Top Games of All Time” Issue

    [A small love-letter to my favorite game][link]. As noted by the publisher, “Greatest” here means “voted as favorites by the denizens of GameSpite’s forums.” Still, it’s always good to see [Parish][parish] writing about CT. [link]: “ Compendium of Useless Information : Games – 2-Chrono Trigger browse” [parish]: “Jeremy Parish”

  • Pie Guy, a free web game for your iPhone by Neven Mrgan

    [Pure HTML, CSS and Javascript][link], no App Store required. [Play it][play]. [play]: “Pie Guy” [link]: “Pie Guy – a free web game for your iPhone – Neven Mrgan’s tumbl”

  • Mininova Goes Legit, Removes All (Possibly) Copyright-infringing Torrents

    As a result of the [recent court case against the site][case], they’ve [removed all torrents not registered on the site by the copyright holder][link]. [link]: “Mininova limits its activities to Content Distribution service at Mininova blog” [case]: “ruling of the Court of Utrecht”