Day: February 23, 2010

  • 4chan On Jeopardy

    [The singularity approaches.][link] Via [Andy Baio][andy]. [link]: “Yfrog – b29 – Uploaded by toymachinesh” [andy]: “Waxy dot org”

  • Minimalist Citizen Kane Poster

    [Created by yours truly (view)][link] in about 40 minutes, using [sketchy clipart from here][clipart]. It is not as… minimal as the others, but I think it captures the film pretty well. It may work just as well with only the rose, or only the title. The snow says a lot. I think it would look…

  • The Extra Future No-Prize

    I am hereby instituting the Extra Future No-Prize, a non-prize awarded to readers and users of my software who spot bugs, omissions, or misspellings. Include a mailing address with your bug report or correction, and you’ll get sent one of [these handsome fellows][link]. You can find more information about [No-Prizes at your local library][prize]. [link]:…