Day: March 23, 2010

  • David Mamet’s Editorial Notes To Writers of “The Unit”

    [Written, as one might hope, in all-caps, laced with profanity, and peppered with utter contempt for network executives][link]. Delicious, and mostly good advice. A sample: >ANY TIME ANY CHARACTER IS SAYING TO ANOTHER “AS YOU KNOW”, THAT IS, TELLING ANOTHER CHARACTER WHAT YOU, THE WRITER, NEED THE AUDIENCE TO KNOW, THE SCENE IS A CROCK…

  • Nivo Slider

    [It bills itself as “The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider,”][link] and once you see it you will, if not agree entirely, see where they’re coming from. [link]: “Nivo Slider – The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider”

  • Opera Mini “Countup”

    [Opera submitted Opera Mini to the App Store 6 hours ago, and this page is tracking how long it takes Apple to approve it][link]. The closest guess wins a new iPhone. This is pretty clever. Everyone knows the App Store approval process is bunk, why not have some fun with it? [link]: “My Opera…

  • “Plastic Bag” By Ramin Bahrani

    [A short film which features Werner Herzog voicing a plastic bag as it journeys across America][link] in search of it’s Maker. I shit you not. [link]: “YouTube – Plastic Bag By Ramin Bahrani”