Day: March 26, 2010

  • Font Squirrel’s List of Fonts Licensed For @font-face Use

    [With downloadable kits containing EOT, SVG, WOFF, and TTF versions, Cufon versions and a stylesheet with the @font-face rules for easy @import-ing][link]. This is drop-in simple. What more can you ask for? Maybe a slightly better browsing interface, but other than that? [link]: “Font Squirrel | Download Hundreds of Free @font-face Fonts”

  • 2010 Chicago Cubs Calendar in SQL Format

    Converted from the [publically-available CSV on the official Cubs site][csv], and massaged into SQL by yours truly for the forthcoming relaunch of a project and made available because I googled and found nothing. [csv]: “Cubs 2010 Schedule Downloads on” **Download**: [Cubs 2010 Schedule SQL File][sql] 8kb zipped. [sql]: “Cubs 2010 Schedule SQL”