Day: November 15, 2010

  • Aspyr Thinks This Is A Totally Reasonable Way To Treat Paying Customers

    Aspyr, who are publishing the Mac OS X port of Civilization 5, [have a page linked in their primary navigation for their store entitled “About DRM”. The contents are remarkable for how not-a-big-deal it is written][link]: >Customers may download the game up to 10 times. This includes if you mess up and “re-download.” If you…

  • Flying Meat, Inc. T-Shirts

    Flying Meat, makers of fine Macintosh softwares such as [Acron (the image editor for humans)][acorn], [are selling t-shirts][link]. A Flying Meat t-shirt is your ticket to me buying you a beer. [link]: “ Flying Meat – Flying Meat” [acorn]: “Acorn – The Image Editor for Humans”

  • The Road Printer

    [BLDGBLOG:][link] >A new street-printing device—unfurling a geological substrate known as Tiger Stone, as orderly and as easy “as laying laminate flooring”—can neatly place brick roads where there weren’t roads before. [link]: “BLDGBLOG: The Road Printer”

  • Rapportive

    [A Gmail extension that grabs useful information from the public domain on people who send you email.][link] Works for Safari, Chrome, Firefox. [link]: “Rapportive”