Phil’s Dreamcast Collection

The Dreamcast controller is my favorite controller ever and I am not interested in arguing about it. It still fits my hand in a very comfortable way, and I love the Visual Memory Unit. There was a time when I owned 2 Dreamcasts and about 20-30 of the games, a mouse and keyboard, 4 light guns, 4 controllers, etc. Not sure whatever happened to it… sold or lost during some transcontinental move or another.

Last updated January 13 2022.

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Dreamcast HKT-3020 modded w/ GDEMU

1x Grey Sega controller

1x Pink translucent Sega controller

1x Red VMU (Japanese text- pro wrestling?)

1x Grey VMU (English)


  • None currently


  • A new fan, this one is loud as fuck
  • A light gun or two would rule
  • LAN adapter