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  • The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who is Going Broke

    [Filed under Welcome To 2015][link]: >”I’m too idealistic,” he told me in an interview at a hacker convention in Germany in December. “In early 2013 I was really about to give it all up and take a straight job.” But then the Snowden news broke, and “I realized this was not the time to cancel.”…

  • Rapportive

    [A Gmail extension that grabs useful information from the public domain on people who send you email.][link] Works for Safari, Chrome, Firefox. [link]: http://rapportive.com/ “Rapportive”

  • Shoehorns and fossils

    Jesper on [two of the main problems][link] with current implementations of, and discussions surrounding, email clients. From [Brent Simmons email-init mailing list][brent]. [link]: http://lists.ranchero.com/pipermail/email-init-ranchero.com/2010-January/000034.html “Shoehorns and fossils” [brent]: http://inessential.com/2010/01/16/email_init “Brent Simmons’ blog post, announcing the list”

  • Popular Mail Scanner Spam Assassin Marks All Mail From 2010 As “Spammy”

    [When the software was first developed][link], a rule was hardcoded that marked the years 2010-2099 as “grossly in the future.” [link]: http://jwz.livejournal.com/1147218.html “jwz – A special treat for the ten year anniversary of Y2K…”

  • An Inbox Is Not a Glove Compartment

    [Disturbing news from the federal courts today][link], as a federal judge ruled that “government can obtain access to a person’s inbox contents without any notification to the subscriber.” which means anyone with a job in government can read your email without telling you. Analysis at the link above, [here’s a PDF][pdf] of the actual ruling.…