Markov Chains explained visually

[This is a very good resource][link], and helped me better understand a concept I use all the time (for stuff like [Tybor][tybor], my Twitter bot)

[link]: “Markov Chains”
[tybor]: “Tybor”


Joel Spolsky announces Trello, Inc.

[His “business operating system” sounds like a damn fine blueprint for creating a successful company that good people *want* to work for.][link]

>That architecture is all the stuff I spent ten years ranting on this blog about, but y’all don’t listen, so I’m just going to have to build company after company that runs my own wacky operating system, and eventually you’ll catch on. It’s OK to put people first. You don’t have to be a psychopath or work people to death or create heaps of messy code or work in noisy open offices.

[link]: “Trello, Inc. – Joel on Software”


Override global .gitconfig

If you work for an organization with their own internal Git server and need to override your global .gitconfig info for name or email, this snippet will work if put in the .git/config of each repo you need to override that setting on:

        name = Your Name
        email =

Layer Comps in Photoshop

[Neven Mrgan just blew my mind][link]:

>Layer comps is a panel—found in the Window menu—which helps you organize different versions of a designs or different views of it in the same file. If you are a responsible digital citizen at all, you probably have some sort of system for keeping around alternate elements and various “views” of your app. Layer Comps will make this easier and more robust.

Had no idea this even existed.

[link]: “Layer Comps in Photoshop – Neven Mrgan's tumbl”


Exploring canvas drawing techniques

A [very well put-together interactive tutorial][link] and examination of drawing using the HTML canvas tag. Even if you’re pretty up on things, you might learn something new.

[link]: “Perfection kills » Exploring canvas drawing techniques”