Tag: jquery

  • Garlic.js

    >[Garlic.js allows you to automatically persist your forms’ text field values locally, until the form is submitted. This way, your users don’t lose any precious data if they accidentally close their tab or browser.][link] Uses localStorage if available, to boot. The author suggests marking up your forms with rel=”persist” and that sounds reasonable enough to…

  • scrollorama

    [Really cool jQuery scrolling effects plugin.][link] The site is a demo. [link]: http://johnpolacek.github.com/scrollorama/ “scrollorama”

  • Lettering.js

    [A very intriguing typography plugin for jQuery.][link] The example gallery is pretty damned impressive. [link]: http://letteringjs.com/ “Lettering.js – A jQuery plugin for radical web typography.”

  • jRumble

    [A jQuery plugin that provides a “rumble” or shaking effect to HTML elements][link] on various events. It’s funny and pretty well done, but be careful, it can cause photoepileptic seizures if used for evil. [link]: http://jackrugile.com/jrumble/ “jRumble | A jQuery Plugin That Rumbles Elements”

  • Isotope

    [A jQuery plugin that makes reordering rows, sorting, and show/hide look absolutely great][link]. The plugin’s page is itself a perfect demo for the tech. At something like 2kb minified I’m wondering how I lived without it. [link]: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/ “Isotope”

  • Nivo Slider

    [It bills itself as “The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider,”][link] and once you see it you will, if not agree entirely, see where they’re coming from. [link]: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/ “Nivo Slider – The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider”

  • Spritely: jQuery Plugin for Sprite and Background Animations

    [The movement is extremely smooth, the syntax is simple][link], color me impressed. This wouldn’t been helpful for my [Megaman II Intro in HTML5][mm2] project. May have to revisit that. [link]: http://www.spritely.net/ “jQuery Spritely | Spritely” [mm2]: http://extrafuture.com/code/mm2/ “Megaman II Intro in HTML5, jQuery and CSS”