Wikipedia’s New Look

[ I don’t see a big visual improvement][link], but the overall simplification of the UI and reworking the previously atrocious underlying HTML code is a step forward.

Not sure why they went with an XHTML 1.0 Transitional DOCTYPE instead of, say, HTML5, which is practically tailor-made for a website like Wikipedia. I’m assuming that the new layout has been in the works for so long that HTML5 didn’t seem like a viable option at the outset.

[link]: “A new look for Wikipedia”


“At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry”

[Bruce Sterling’s keynote][link], given at the launch of [Layar’s Layer Reality Browser][layar], is fun, smart, and full of a genuine excitement from Bruce that I really enjoy.

[link]: “Video: Bruce Sterling’s Keynote – At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry on Vimeo”
[layar]: “”



[Microsoft’s new, absurdly-named, search engine has launched][link]. Two things: How is this better than their own, and how is this better than It seems to bring nothing new to the table aside from the little popups on the right side of the results (which I’m sure is where “bing” came from. Bing! Bing! We’re lucky they don’t have a sound effect with them. It plays in my head, regardless.) and that isn’t super useful. It’s cramped, and boring at the same time.

The text-search engine space desperately needs some serious competition. Something like [TinEye][tineye] is doing for image search. The question is: What else do you do to search? I have a feeling the answer is not going to look anything like Google or Bing or even [Wolfram Alpha][alpha].

[link]: “Bing”
[tineye]: “TinEye”
[alpha]: “Wolfram Alpha”