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News Corp. Plans To Start Charging For All News Content

It’s hard to read this and not imagine News Corps’ chairman, Rupert Murdoch, standing on a beach, impotent, shouting and swinging his tiny fists at the ocean waves. “THIS BEACH BELONGS TO ME,” he’d scream. Money can’t buy you control of the waves, Rupert. At least, not yet, anyway.

Fair Use for Fair People

Anil Dash on the AllThingsD kerfuffle: The Associated Press announcement addresses pricing, licensing, and legal threats. There is no statement made about the credibility of the information being published through these online channels, nor whether the act of aggregating and disseminating news this way has an impact on its accuracy or accountability. I agree, entirely. […]

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My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful objects for a troubled world in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I'm a designer / developer at Occipital.

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