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  • The Programmer’s Dream (A Ramble)

    [Nick Bradbury:][link] >Then as I got even older I realized that the people in charge are as clueless as the rest of us. Like our software, our society just kind of happened over the years and it’s always on the verge of coming tumbling down. Nobody really knows what they’re doing or what they’re talking…

  • Learn Lua in 15 Minutes

    [Where was this when I needed it 2 years ago?][link] [link]: http://tylerneylon.com/a/learn-lua/ “Learn Lua in 15 Minutes”

  • Patricio Palladino Demonstrates Non-Alphanumeric Javascript

    [This is some head-screwing, eyeball-hurting mojo.][link] The tl;dr: >”I just made a tool to transform any javascript code into an equivalent sequence of ()[]{}!+ characters. You can try it [here][demo], or grab it from [github][git] or [npm][npm]. Keep on reading if you want to know how it works.” [link]: http://patriciopalladino.com/blog/2012/08/09/non-alphanumeric-javascript.html “Brainfuck beware: JavaScript is after…

  • Steven Frank: Programming for Mere Mortals

    [Part 1 in a series, available for $2.99 on the Kindle.][link] Steven is the co-founder of Panic, the legendary Mac development house that brought you Transmit, Coda, and Unison. You need this book. [link]: http://stevenf.com/pages/book.html “Steven Frank: Programming for Mere Mortals”

  • GameBoy Emulation in JavaScript

    [A fascinating look at an ongoing project by Imran Nazar, creating a GameBoy emulator in JS][link]. Worth a read for programmers of any stripe. [link]: http://imrannazar.com/GameBoy-Emulation-in-JavaScript “Imran Nazar: GameBoy Emulation in JavaScript”

  • love2d 0.6.0

    [Released on Dec. 24th][link], great news for small-time game makers. [link]: http://love2d.org/ “LÖVE – Free 2D Game Engine”