Tag: python

  • Squeezing the soul out of digital video

    The image above is from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon title sequence. Pretty iconic, right? It is the result of a new video technique I came up with. For more examples and a thorough explanation, read on: I was taken by a Strange Mood and created a small combination of shell and python…

  • Blubox – A Metafilter TV Channel

    I’m happy to present to you the newest entry in the long-lost 6 hour projects (this one took more like 2) section here at Extra Future: blubox. blubox is a script and page that takes the most recently posted videos on Metafilter.com and puts them into a YouTube playlist. The source code is available on…

  • COBE

    [Yes, please:][link] >COBE stands for Code of Business Ethics. Cobe is a conversation simulator, originally a database backed port of MegaHAL but a bit more now.” As you know I’m a bit of a sucker for [chatter bots that learn][bot]. [link]: https://github.com/pteichman/cobe “pteichman/cobe” [bot]: https://extrafuture.com/code/tybor/ “My chat bot, Tybor”

  • Pinry

    [A self-hosted, open source, Pinterest clone.][link] Built with Python, from the looks of it. [link]: http://getpinry.com/ “Pinry”