URL-Shortening Service To Shut Down

[URLs will continue to function until 31 December 2009 and will then go dead][link]. Yet another reason to use a self-hosted short URL service with a system like my own [la petite url][la].

*Update:* [ has reversed it’s decision to shut down][reverse].

[link]: “ URLs | to December 31, 2009”
[la]: “la petite url, a personal URL shortener for WordPress”
[reverse]: “ Apparently Not Shutting Down, Now”


Imeem Is Deleting All Uploaded User Video and Images

[With a week’s notice, and no way to back everything up][link]. This is just unacceptable. You don’t do this kind of thing to your users. You could pay one of your engineers spend a day building an export tool, which in the long run costs you nothing, and buys you immense social capital. When a service is already taking away functionality (users hate this) why make it worse?

via [Andy Baio][andy].

[link]: “Simplifying imeem | Music is Social”
[andy]: “ Links”



[LuckyImage is a Mac OS X service that replaces any given text with the first result on a Google Image Search][link], inline. It works in pretty much any rich text area. Works great for iChat sillyness.

[link]: “LuckyImage”