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Apple Now Blocking ‘Overtly Sexual’ Apps from App Store

First they came for the creepy almost-porn apps, and I said nothing because I wasn’t into creepy almost-porn apps. I’m sure this makes sense to businessmen, but I am really fucking uncomfortable with Apple being in charge of what is considered “overtly sexual.” This is purely “I know it when I see it” fascism. There […]

Australia Bans Female Ejaculation, Small Breasts

Buried in this release about the censorship of porn films are nuggets like this: The Board has also started to ban depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. Waiting for there to be an A-cup political action committed formed with the slogan “from my cold dead hands.”

Bing Refuses Search Term “Sex” In India

Searching for “sex” returns the phrase “the search sex may return sexually explicit content. To get results, change your search terms.” Meanwhile, according to Google Trends, nobody searches for “sex” more than India.

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