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    Catnip for the doomed gamer generation: In 2010, an obsessed gamer designed the perfect game of Sim City. Achieved through a repeating pattern of clustered high rises, “Magnasanti” exposes the hellish consequences of top-down civic design. In his new documentary, John Wilson explores how New York City is creeping closer and closer to realizing this…

  • Unreleased Sim City NES prototype shown on the Internet

    [I’ve never wanted any single object more than this one?][link] If there is any decency left in the world this will get dumped and I will get to play it. I can barely make words about this. [link]: https://retronauts.com/article/526/unreleased-sim-city-nes-prototype-shown-on-the-internet “Unreleased Sim City NES prototype shown on the Internet”

  • Pure Folly, Miss Poly(gon)

    [Games journalism, punk rock, and SimCity:][link] >It seems like people—for some reason—were waiting on Polygon to call the industry out on its crap. Polygon, that Microsoft-sponsored, humourless, 70s prog rock supergroup of games journalism. Expecting any kind of populist uproar from Polygon is like expecting One Direction to vilify the X Factor culture that spawned…

  • Compiled list of suggestions and bug reports to report to Maxis for SimCity

    [A Reddit mega-thread on what appears to be a really broken game][link], and not just [the DRM][drm]. [link]: http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1a0taq/compiled_list_of_suggestions_and_bug_reports_to/ “Compiled list of suggestions and bug reports to report to Maxis for SimCity. : SimCity” [drm]: http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2013/03/simcity-outage/ “SimCity Outrage over always-on DRM”