HTML is the new HTML5

[Ian Hickson:][link]

>The WHATWG HTML spec can now be considered a “living standard”. It’s more mature than any version of the HTML specification to date, so it made no sense for us to keep referring to it as merely a draft. We will no longer be following the “snapshot” model of spec development, with the occasional “call for comments”, “call for implementations”, and so forth.

Behold, [HTML’s living specification][html]. The w3c is still looking to publish a “snapshot” of HTML5.

[link]: “The WHATWG Blog — HTML is the new HTML5”
[html]: “HTML Specification”


W3C Abandoning XHTML 2, Focusing on HTML5

>[Today the Director announces that when the XHTML 2 Working Group charter expires as scheduled at the end of 2009, the charter will not be renewed][link].

This is giant news for anyone who makes websites. See also: [W3C’s FAQ for the situation][faq].

[link]: “Archive of W3C News in 2009”
[faq]: “XHTML faq”


Ian Hickson on Codecs for

[Mozilla won’t support H.264, Apple won’t support Ogg, Google will support both, and Microsoft won’t say][link]. Doubt this will change anytime soon, which really makes me sad.

[link]: “[whatwg] Codecs for audio and video”