Day: September 22, 2009

  • Jack Kirby’s Heirs File To Regain Copyrights

    [The author assumes that Kirby’s heirs will probably just end up with rights to royalties][link], which I can’t say I give a shit about it. Jack’s long gone. [link]: “After Disney-Marvel Deal, Cartoonist’s Heirs Seek to Reclaim Rights – Media Decoder Blog –”

  • Google Chrome Frame

    [A plugin for Internet Explorer on Windows that aims to bring modern HTML5 capabilities to IE][link]. I’m not sure exactly how much this will help web developers: One of the major sticking points that makes IE still so widely-used is that users in large organizations *aren’t allowed to install things*. Not even plugins. [link]:…

  • How Useful Is YouTube’s 5-Star Rating System?

    [5-star ratings utterly dominate][link] the distribution of overall votes. 1 star votes are in “second place”, but as the graph shows it isn’t even close. Star ratings really don’t work well on the internet. YouTube would be much better off with a simple “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system, and doing their algorithmic magic on…

  • Audio of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Reading “Breakfast of Champions” in 1970

    [I love this. That is all.][link] [link]: “kung fu grippe – “..that kind of a machine…”