Day: October 5, 2009

  • FTC Requiring Bloggers To Disclose Payments For Reviews

    [From a functional standpoint, I am fine (even happy) with this, provided it kills asshole astroturfers dead][link]. From an ideological standpoint, I am pretty well against it. Either way, it’s an important moment in internet history. I wonder what effect this will have on Amazon reviews? The first blog regulatory laws. Dang. [link]: “Bloggers…

  • Aaron Swartz’s FBI File

    [A light-hearted romp for the whole family][link]. >Since SWARTZ is the potential subject of an ongoing investigation, it is requested that SWARTZ not be approached by agents. [link]: “Wanted by the FBI (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)”

  • Trust Art

    >[Trust Art is a social platform that is commissioning ten public artworks over the next year. People are invited to become shareholders with $1, share with interested friends, and renew culture.][link] [link]: “Trust Art – Home”