Day: October 20, 2009

  • Paul McCartney: ‘I’ll Kill’

    [Peter Serafinowicz reveals the truth][link] behind this classic Beatles song. [link]: “Paul McCartney ‘I’ll Kill’ from FoD Team UK, Al_Campbell, and Peter Serafinowicz – Video”

  • 2d Boy: Results of the “Pay-What-You-Want” World of Goo Sale

    [Great detail and some analysis from 2d boy][link]. Points of interest: * A not-insignificant portion of purchases were for less than 30 cents, which PayPal took all of. * There are a lot of charts and stuff in the post, I love them for the amount of detail they’ve gone into and shared with the…

  • Do Anything 021 by Warren Ellis

    [It’s Tuesday][link]: >This is where the robot head of Jack Kirby has been taking you too, all this time. This is a universe that abuts our own, a vast space of cometary ideoplasm and speaking atomic structure. [link]: “Do Anything 021 by Warren Ellis | Bleeding Cool Comic News & Rumors”