Day: October 26, 2009

  • Warren Ellis T-Shirt Of The Week #001: LOVE

    [Warren and his filthy assistant Adriana are doing a t-shirt a week][link], and selling via [Cafepress][cafe]. First up: “LOVE means never having to tell the authorities where I buried you.” [link]: “Warren Ellis » T-Shirt Of The Week #001: LOVE” [cafe]: “Cafepress”

  • Goodnight, Sweet GeoCities

    You were responsible or many of the most retch-inducing websites on the internet, and you only got worse with time. We’ll miss you. [xkcd is GeoCities-ified][xkcd] ([saved image][image]). [link]: “GeoCities’ time has expired, Yahoo closing the site today | Technology | Los Angeles Times” [xkcd]: “XKCD” [image]: “xkcd’s homage”