Day: February 11, 2010

  • Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

    [Dan Sivers’s TED Talk][link] about First Followers, and how Lone Nuts become Leaders. I am not sure I agree with his overall conclusion, but Dancing Guy is a monument to *something* no matter how you slice it. Runs 2 minutes 58. [link]: “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy | Derek Sivers”

  • Facebook Launches XMPP Support for Facebook Chat

    [Meaning you can add it to your dedicated chat client of choice][link]. The official site has instructions for Pidgin, Adium, iChat, and the ever-popular “Other.” I think my friend [Shawn Medero][shawn] has the right attitude, “we’ll see how much I hate this.” [link]: “Facebook | Facebook Chat. Everywhere.” [shawn]: “Shawn Medero”