Day: March 18, 2010

  • The A.V. Club’s Interview With Bob Odenkirk

    [Terradalou, The Bob.][link] Mr. Show is the true way. According to the interview, Bob’s character Saul Goodman is in 10 episodes of Breaking Bad this season. [link]:,39237/ “Bob Odenkirk | TV | Interview | The A.V. Club”

  • Moving and Not Moving

    >[A team of scientists has succeeded in putting an object large enough to be visible to the naked eye into a mixed quantum state of moving and not moving.][link] I am personally in the quantum state of being excited and terrified. [link]: “Scientists supersize quantum mechanics : Nature News”

  • YouTube Alleges Viacom ‘Secretly Uploaded’ Content To YouTube, While Suing Them For It’s Presence

    [This kind of thing is par for the course with major conglomerates like Viacom][link]. They want the “buzz” but have to pretend they’re being horribly damaged financially. [link]: “YouTube Blog: Broadcast Yourself”

  • “No Dashes Or Spaces” Hall of Shame

    [From the Usability Follies dept][link]. It actually takes the same amount of work to check for a valid card WITH spaces or dashes as without. It’s one line of PHP, Perl, Ruby, whatever your flavor of webcode is. No excuse. [link]: “”No Dashes Or Spaces” Hall of Shame”

  • Storing Your Yojimbo Library on Dropbox

    Similar to [backing up your 1Password library with Dropbox][1pass], comes in [this tip for Yojimbo][link]. Essentially the trick is to move your Yojimbo data to the Dropbox folder, then put up a symlink in the old folder location, like so: > mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Yojimbo ~/Dropbox >ln -s ~/Dropbox/Yojimbo ~/Library/Application\ Support/ I don’t see why the…