My 2010 In Music, According To

It was a pretty predictable year.

### Most Played Artists

1. [They Might Be Giants][tmbg]
2. [Yasunori Mitsuda][yasu]
3. [The Smashing Pumpkins][pumpkins]
4. [R.E.M.][rem]
5. [Weep][weep]

[tmbg]: “They Might Be Giants”
[yasu]: “Yasunori Mitsuda”
[pumpkins]: “Netphoria”
[rem]: “R.E.M.”
[weep]: “Weep”

### Most Played Songs

1. Weep – Right Here, Right Now
2. Misfits – I Turned Into a Martian
3. Weep – Let Me
4. Weep – Snow Scenery AND Weep & Weep – Calm Down (tie)
5. Weep – When I’m Wrong

Based on the most played songs list you might’ve guessed that my favorite album this year is [Worn Thin, by Weep][worn]. Honorable mention goes to the [Zola Jesus EP, Stridulum][zola]. Based on the most played artists list you might’ve guessed that I didn’t have much time for new music this year. I’m convinced that needs to change in 2011. There is nothing sadder than a man with almost no favorite bands who haven’t broken up or descended into self-parody.

[worn]: “Worn Thin, by Weep”
[zola]: “Stridulum by Zola Jesus”


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