Facebook Weirdness

Today I made a [series][first] of [seemingly][second] [innocuous][third], though slightly filthy, joke tweets based on a vaginal rejuvenation cream being sold in India.

[The Facebook thread][fb] (I have Twitter set to auto-post to Facebook) for the [third tweet][second] now has over 118,000 comments and 5,500 likes, and the comment threat is INSANE. This appears to have affected the posts of many, many people. The user who appears to be posting the majority of the comments (mostly replying with the single letter “r”) is identified as “Rahmi Özgündüz”, but that name (and the photo on the profile) belong to a [Turkish soccer player][turk]. It’s possible he/she/it started this, but without more info it’s hard to say. Could just be a regular ‘ol database ID bug.

This has got to be the problem of the day for some poor Facebook engineer. Sorry, dude. Or lady.

Update: [Ben Garvey][bg] has the idea that somehow a post ID has been duplicated across several different FB posts, which is making all of the comments be piled into one big thread. Sounds about right to me.

Update Two: The responses, at least the ones in a language I speak, are hilarious. They range from [incredulous][incred], to [indignant][indignant] to [pleas for sanity to the uncaring universe][pleas].

[turk]: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/rahmi-oezguenduez/profil/spieler_104716.html “Rahmi Özgündüz”
[incred]: https://www.facebook.com/philnelson/posts/2231777543?comment_id=23556252&offset=0&total_comments=119429 ” Incredulity”
[pleas]: https://www.facebook.com/philnelson/posts/2231777543?comment_id=23555037&offset=28&total_comments=119295 “Plea for sanity”
[indignant]: https://www.facebook.com/philnelson/posts/2231777543?comment_id=23555049&offset=0&total_comments=119267 “Indignant response”
[fb]: https://www.facebook.com/philnelson/posts/2231777543 “Facebook thread for the tweet”
[first]: https://twitter.com/philnelson/status/240487313161990144 “First tweet”
[third]: https://twitter.com/philnelson/status/240487857163235328 “Third Tweet”
[second]: https://twitter.com/philnelson/status/240487680947937280 “Second tweet”
[bg]: https://twitter.com/bengarvey/statuses/240496533638873089 “Ben Garvey’s theory”


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