Month: June 2014

  • Framer

    [An application / framework platform for Mac that looks to let you got from Photoshop or Sketch to prototype in record time.][link] [link]: “Framer – Innovative Prototyping”

  • Dataviz: NFL players height & weight over time

    [Really cool data visualization][link] from [Noah Veltman][twitter] tracking the average height and weight of NFL players from 1920 – 2014. Spoiler: The graph starts moving much more quickly towards heavier players in the 80s when growth hormones and steroids started getting serious, while the average height goes up at a pretty steady rate the whole…

  • DuckDuckGo to be included as default search option in Safari on iOS and OS X

    [Straight from the Apple’s mouth.][link] It’s already in the Safari betas! This is great news. I’ve been using DuckDuckGo as my search provider for awhile now, and their new design is the bees knees. Unlike some other search engines they aren’t in the business of selling your personal data. [link]: “DuckDuckGo in Safari”

  • Old Slang: Appreciating Webster’s with Bots

    [Peter Organisciak:][link] >The medium of Twitter bot offers us the ability to shine a spotlight on the entries as individual entities; “hence, conspicuous public notice“. While it is certainly possible to look up all the words, perhaps dig through my Github account to find them, there is a different dynamic of attention with a tweet.…