How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled

An enraging story from Michael Smith and Polly Mosendz, for Bloomberg:

Taurus sold almost a million handguns that can potentially fire without anyone pulling the trigger. The government won’t fix the problem. The NRA is silent.

Gun manufacturers have long held an unassailable position in American business and politics. They need to be reminded that they aren’t above the law… and we can start by making them follow the same goddamn rules as everyone else.

The Great Stink

Laurie Penny has some advice for men in the current cultural moment, and it is good advice. This passage, near the end, caught me right where it was aimed:

Suck it up and let go. Let go of your resentment at women’s lack of patience, let go of your wounded pride, let go of your useless shame, and let go of the idea of being a “good guy.” “Good” is not a thing you are, it’s a thing you do, or don’t do. The world is not neatly divided into good and bad men. It never was, and we need to let go of the idea that it ever was, so that we can finally be better to one another, finally learn to deal with our shit like grown-ups in this strange new cityscape we’re crawling through together, trying to find our way to the light. That’s the only way we’re going to move from a place of holding abusers to account, into a future where abuse is less likely to happen.

Suck it up and let go.

KDE Bug Executes Arbitrary Code Based on Name of Thumb Drive

This is one of the dumbest and most dangerous bugs I’ve ever heard of. From the KDE security list:

When a vfat thumbdrive which contains “ or $() in its volume label is plugged
and mounted trough the device notifier, it’s interpreted as a shell command,
leaving a possibility of arbitrary commands execution. an example of offending
volume label is “$(touch b)” which will create a file called b in the
home folder.

It’s jaw-dropping.

Lanetix Inc Fires Workers for Attempt to Unionize

You can add Lanetix Inc, the developer of a subpar CRM, to the list of wannabe union-busters. They’re also now on the shitlist of every decent engineer in the world. We don’t forget this shit.

The union alleged in the complaint, which was filed with the NLRB Jan. 29, that the company threatened the software engineers after they began discussing unionizing in an internal instant messaging group. Lanetix later terminated “all engineers and senior engineers in retaliation for demanding recognition,” CWA said.