4chan On Jeopardy

[The singularity approaches.][link] Via [Andy Baio][andy].

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Jason Louv: Is 4chan the Future of Human Consciousness?

[He seems to think so][link], and it’s hard to argue with points like this:

>Yet what the media has failed to grasp is what 4chan can tell us about where we’re headed. The Chans aren’t the freak sideshow of the Internet. They are the *heart and soul* of the Internet.

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[link]: “Lost in the Filth Simulacrum | h+ Magazine”
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Jason Scott: Saving 4Chan

[Jason’s acquired about 5 years worth of expired threads][link] from the internet’s House of Awful Shit and Meme Factory, 4chan. Yes, this is culturally important. Just trust me.

via [Andy Baio][andy].

[link]: “ASCII by Jason Scott / Bump Not Sage: Saving 4Chan”
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How moot “Won” the Time 100 Poll

[Paul Lamere’s coverage of the Time 100 hack continues with this in-depth examination of the how-they-did-it variety][link]. It includes a lot of Time-bashing, as evidenced by the following parenthetical:

>(And if you have any doubt about Time’s incompetence, take a close look at the Poll. Notice that Oprah Winfrey and Ratan Tata have the exact same number of votes. That’s because they both shared the same ID in the poll. A vote for either one was a vote for the other. Same goes for Michael Bloomberg and Gustavo Dudamel. If you vote for one, you vote for the other.)

Previously: [4chan’s precision hack of the Time 100][prev].

[link]: “moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery”
[prev]: “4chan’s precision hack of the Time 100”


Track 4chan’s Attempt To Beat Ashton Kutcher and CNN to 1M Twitter Followers

[Currently adding new followers to @basementdad at a rate of about 700 per minute][link]. See also: [the 4chan thread][thread].

both (via [Waxy][waxy])

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[thread]: “Cache of the 4chan thread”
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4chan’s Precision Hack of the Time 100

[Not only is moot #1 with 12 times the votes of anyone else][link], but they spelled out a message with the first letter of each person’s name.

[link]: “Hacking recommenders « Music Machinery”