New Game: DIG_IT!

I just released the in-development version of my new game, DIG_IT!, which is a retro-inspired roguelike/dig-dug-like written in lua with love2d.


New 3D Printable Object: NES Cart Covers


I designed [this simple NES cart cover][link] to use as little material as possible, but still be robust enough to print even on janky printers. Hopefully this will help keep your NES carts safe and sound for future generations. It’s available [on thingiverse][thing] for the low price of FREE.

[link]: “NES Cart Cover”
[thing]: “Nintendo Entertainment System Cart Cover (Tender NES)”


Megaman II’s Intro Animation In HTML

Created by yours truly. No Flash, just CSS, HTML5, and jQuery. The animation is very not smooth in Firefox, but works great in Safari and Chrome.

[You can check it out here.][link]

[link]: “Megaman II Intro”

Using the scrollbar to bring the view upward was a stylistic choice, it could’ve just as (if not more) easily done in a single “screen”, but what’s the fun in that? The demo uses the jQuery [backgroundPosition-Effect][plugin] plugin to achieve the parallax scrolling effect, and the new Javascript audio capabilities introduced by the HTML5 group. The timing may not work very well on older machines.

[plugin]: “jQuery Plugins: backgroundPosition-Effect”


2009 Tecmo Bowl NFL Player Awards

[If I didn’t know better I’d think this was written just to get me to link to it][link]. Though it is obviously missing a Bo Jackson award for “most unstoppable motherfucker.”

[link]: “2009 Tecmo Bowl NFL Player Awards | The Pigskin Doctors”