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  • “I Survived The Internet Blackout”

    [A new t-shirt commemorating the event that came to define last week.][link] [link]: http://www.redbubble.com/people/extrafuture/works/8382734-i-survived-the-internet-blackout “"I Survived The Internet Blackout" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Phil Nelson | RedBubble”

  • Extra Future T-Shirt 2011

    [I made a new Extra Future logo t-shirt, which is available now for $25 of your earth dollars.][link] Retweet, reblog, share, like, buy. I love you. [link]: http://www.redbubble.com/people/extrafuture/t-shirts/7428818-extra-future-2011-logo-t-shirt “Extra Future 2011 Logo T-Shirt” T-Shirt Design by Phil Nelson | RedBubble”

  • Eliza Gauger’s SCREAMING NUB Shirt

    [Available in AA Short-Sleeve V-Neck and Ladies’ 5.8 oz. Cotton 2×1 Rib Tank][link]: > Are You Down wit da Nub?! WELL ARE YOU? I am. $18.75 gets one of these things. You can’t afford *not* to buy it. [link]: http://toxoplasm.org/gibberings/?p=1194 “GIBBERINGS – SCREAMING NUB T-Shirt and Tank Top Preorders: Are You Down wit da Nub?!”

  • Atomic Emission Spectra Scarves

    [Becky Stern’s made some beautiful scarves][link] based upon the emission spectra of elements. I’ve long been fascinated by visualizations of our periodic elements, as the Extra Future logo will no doubt prove. [link]: http://sternlab.org/2010/02/emission-spectra-scarves/ “Becky Stern”

  • Warren Ellis T-Shirt Of The Week #001: LOVE

    [Warren and his filthy assistant Adriana are doing a t-shirt a week][link], and selling via [Cafepress][cafe]. First up: “LOVE means never having to tell the authorities where I buried you.” [link]: http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=7889 “Warren Ellis » T-Shirt Of The Week #001: LOVE” [cafe]: http://www.cafepress.co.uk/electrophonic “Cafepress”

  • [Sponsor] Threadless

    [Threadless][link] doesn’t just print some of the coolest-looking shirts in the world, they also make the most comfortable ones. If you buy something from them [using my affiliate link][link], I get a small kickback. They’ve constantly got stuff on sale, like this [selection of $9 shirts][nine]. My current favorite: [The Gaming Revolution][gaming]. [link]: http://www.threadless.com/?from=philnelson “Threadless…