Tag: data

  • Transformy

    [“Transform your whole list, with just one example.”][link] Paste in source data. Type in the format you want. Source data is massaged to fit new format. Very simple and works great. [link]: https://www.transformy.io/#/ “Transformy – change your data with one example”

  • Storyboard

    [“Read the TV and Movies you don’t want to watch,”][link] they say. Storyboard is a package that takes subtitled input videos and creates a PDF of every line and every scene change. I could see using this for a lot of weird/interesting data analysis. [link]: http://syntaxi.net/2013/01/20/storyboard/ “Storyboard : Read the TV and Movies you don't…

  • Rasta.js

    [A persistent, cross-domain, key-value data store.][link] Similar to HTML5’s localStorage, except persistent across websites. [link]: http://rastajs.errorjs.com/ “Rasta.js”

  • The World Bank Opens Up It’s Data

    [A massive amount of interesting data available in a variety of formats][link]. Get to makin’ shit. [link]: http://data.worldbank.org/ “Data | The World Bank”

  • Self-Destructing Data

    The key is distributed, and “dissolves” over time. This is very interesting. via [Andy Baio][andy]. [link]: http://vanish.cs.washington.edu/ “Vanish: Enhancing the Privacy of the Web with Self-Destructing Data” [andy]: http://waxy.org/links/ “Waxy.org: Links”

  • US Government Launches Data.gov

    [Open Data from Uncle Sam][link]. via [Waxy][waxy] [link]: http://www.data.gov/ “Data.gov” [waxy]: http://waxy.org/links/ “Waxy”