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  • Stuff I Made: Metroid Title Theme

    Some years ago I made this version of the Metroid title theme on my Mac. I think it is sufficiently moody/creepy. Enjoy! Download: Metroid Intro (M4a, 2.2mb)

  • Metroid Source Code Expanded

    [Nine text files in which you will find the complete source code for the original Metroid game for the NES][link]. I assume this is the code for the American NES cart version, and not the slightly superior Japanese FDS version. [link]: http://www.romhacking.net/documents/459/ “Romhacking.net – Documents – Metroid Source Code Expanded”

  • Closing Tabs 5/27/09

    * [Super Mario 64 longplay, grabbing all 120 stars][sm]. If you were under the age of 30 when this came out, goodbye afternoon. It’s such an astoundingly well put together game. At every stage, care was taken to make sure it “felt” right. [Jason Scott][textfiles]’s [talk about Platform Studies][scott] has me rekindling my love affair…