Ars Technia on Indie Filmmakers’ P2P Lawsuits

[It’s not just for the MPAA anymore.][link] Lots of these films probably made more from the lawsuits than they did in the theater.

[link]: “The RIAA? Amateurs. Heres how you sue 14,000+ P2P users”


MPAA shows how to Video Record a TV set

[This is, apparently, not a joke][link]. What it is, is 4 minutes of some poor hired goon trying to pretend like this isn’t the biggest pain in the ass of thing to attempt. The video summary says:

>At the DMCA 1201 hearings at the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, representatives from the MPAA showed a video demonstrating how users can videorecord a TV set. They argue this is an acceptable analog alternative to breaking copy protection on a DVD.

The mind reels.

[link]: “MPAA shows how to videorecord a TV set on Vimeo”

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