Tag: php

  • Composer

    [A dependency manager for PHP.][link] [link]: http://getcomposer.org/ “Composer”

  • Alex Bilbie’s MongoDB Library for CodeIgniter 2

    [Easy to use, and v2 can be implemented in ANY PHP application, not just CodeIgniter.][link] CodeIgniter as a platform just keeps getting better. [link]: https://github.com/alexbilbie/codeigniter-mongodb-library/tree/v2 “alexbilbie/codeigniter-mongodb-library at v2”

  • Swiftlet

    [“Quite possibly the smallest MVC framework you’ll ever use.”][link] [link]: https://github.com/ElbertF/Swiftlet “ElbertF/Swiftlet – GitHub”

  • HipHop for PHP

    [What appears to be a PHP/C++ cross-compiler][link]. This could be some serious mojo for PHP. That name is awful, though. [link]: http://developers.facebook.com/news.php?blog=1&story=358 “Facebook Developers | HipHop for PHP: Move Fast”

  • PHP OAuth for LinkedIn WITHOUT Using PECL or Zend

    Work-related plea: [Has anyone gotten LinkedIn’s API to play nice with PHP5 without the use of the PECL OAuth library or Zend’s?][link] To the non-coders here: These are all Things, I promise. I did not make them up. [link]: http://developer.linkedin.com/thread/1375?tstart=0 “LinkedIn Developer Network: PHP OAuth WITHOUT Using PECL or Zend?”

  • The 15 Largest ExpressionEngine sites

    [A list of large EE-powered sites][link]. ExpressionEngine is the big brother of my PHP framework of choice, [CodeIgniter][ci]. via [Shawn Medero][shawn] [link]: http://www.hopstudios.com/blog/the_10_largest_expressionengine_sites/ “The 15 Largest ExpressionEngine sites (updated) – Blog – Hop Studios” [shawn]: http://twitter.com/soypunk/status/3740284594 “Original Twitter message” [ci]: http://codeigniter.com/ “Code Igniter”