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  • Announcing Bridge: A positionally tracked mixed reality and VR headset for iPhone

    So… We Made A Headset. More on the official site. We started working on Bridge, in secret, pretty soon after Structure Sensor launched. It’s so cool to be able to talk about this in public. I got to get my hands dirty with a lot of Bridge, including the Bridge Engine that powers the software.…

  • Field Notes Colors: “National Crop” Edition

    [The spring 2012 Field Notes release][link] is so effortlessly charming that it feels something like Field Notes coming full circle. Draplin has always been fascinated by the working-man no-BS design of old farming equipment, manuals, and almanacs. Now Field Notes is paying a more direct homage to that influence. [link]: http://fieldnotesbrand.com/crop/ “FIELD NOTES COLORS: “NATIONAL…

  • BERG’s Matt Webb on “Products”

    [Ruminations on what a product is and how to think about it.][link] Lots of fairly big thoughts, here, and I like it. [link]: http://interconnected.org/home/2012/03/08/air_quotes_product “Air quotes, product ( 8 Mar., 2012, at Interconnected)”

  • Extra Future T-Shirt 2011

    [I made a new Extra Future logo t-shirt, which is available now for $25 of your earth dollars.][link] Retweet, reblog, share, like, buy. I love you. [link]: http://www.redbubble.com/people/extrafuture/t-shirts/7428818-extra-future-2011-logo-t-shirt “Extra Future 2011 Logo T-Shirt” T-Shirt Design by Phil Nelson | RedBubble”

  • EXCLUSIVE First Extra Future Shirt Pictures

    [Do you believe in miracles?][link] Extra Future’s first product is out in the wild, and being shipped to those who purchased one starting Monday. [link]: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zerolives/4295321013/ “Extra Future Shirts”

  • The Extra Future T-Shirt

    [Buy one today.][link] Available in light blue or asphalt for a limited time only: One amazingly comfy t-shirt, one awesome logo, at the cost of $22. [link]: http://extrafuture.com/shirts/ “Shirts by Extra Future”

  • ChefStack – The Automatic Pancake Machine

    [I can imagine my mother wanting one of these desperately][link]. [link]: http://www.chefstack.com/ “Pancakes. Delicious and Fresh – ChefStack – Home”