slick – the last carousel you’ll ever need

[A full-responsive, CSS3-enabled, touch-ready, arrow-key supporting, draggable carousel that you can instance with one line.][link]

Having built and used probably a dozen different image slider / content carousels this one looks like it covers all of the bases and with minimal markup bullshit. Color me impressed.

[link]: “slick – the last carousel you'll ever need”


Oryx Design Lab

The creator of the [previously-linked][prev] (and awesome) lo-fi fantasy tile set [has opened a store for making / selling licenses for new ones][link]. I applaud this. Make money on your art.

[link]: “Sprites — Oryx Design Lab”
[prev]: “Oryx’s 8-bit fantasy tiles”


A Safari Template For Use In Mockups

Since I find myself sometimes needing one, I decided to create a fresh, clean, screenshot of a Safari window at 1024×768, with an optional layer showing a 960-wide box, centered. I’ve removed any extras or plugins from the window.

*Update:* Extranaut [Alistair Morton][al] upgraded my version by making all of the text editable in Photoshop. The version for download has been updated accordingly. Thanks, Al!

[al]: “Alistair Morton”

[Here’s the PSD (74kb, zipped)][zip].

[zip]:× “1024×768 PSD”


Pictos by Drew Wilson

[Three Hundred and Twenty-four vector icons for user interface design][link] for a measly $29. Hell of a deal.

[link]: “Pictos”


The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009

[Always good to have some of these in your quiver][link]. None of them are really competition for the (still) king of web icons packs, [FamFamFam’s Silk icon set][silk], which is now over 3 years old.

[link]: “The Best Free Icon Sets of 2009 | Web Design Ledger”
[silk]: “FamFamFam lab: Silk icons”