As another one of Extra Future’s [6-hour projects][6], I present the following: [Fullness][link], a web page which displays today’s date (22 February 2010). Each second that passes from the moment the page was made live will “age” it, blurring the text. As the viewer’s memory of the page ages and deteriorates so will the page itself, until eventually the text is entirely obscured and unreadable.

In about 5 years, the text will be one big smear. It will be be impossible to visually tell that it was ever text at all.

[link]: “Fullness”
[6]: “Extra Future: 6-Hour Projects”


How moot “Won” the Time 100 Poll

[Paul Lamere’s coverage of the Time 100 hack continues with this in-depth examination of the how-they-did-it variety][link]. It includes a lot of Time-bashing, as evidenced by the following parenthetical:

>(And if you have any doubt about Time’s incompetence, take a close look at the Poll. Notice that Oprah Winfrey and Ratan Tata have the exact same number of votes. That’s because they both shared the same ID in the poll. A vote for either one was a vote for the other. Same goes for Michael Bloomberg and Gustavo Dudamel. If you vote for one, you vote for the other.)

Previously: [4chan’s precision hack of the Time 100][prev].

[link]: “moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery”
[prev]: “4chan’s precision hack of the Time 100”


4chan’s Precision Hack of the Time 100

[Not only is moot #1 with 12 times the votes of anyone else][link], but they spelled out a message with the first letter of each person’s name.

[link]: “Hacking recommenders « Music Machinery”