Day: March 4, 2011

  • Archive Team Needs Your Help Saving Yahoo! Video

    [Jason Scott][link]: >Yahoo! are about to delete all user-generated content on Yahoo! Video and that is really busting my crank, as well as the crank of a lot of people that have joined Archive Team to rescue it. We’re now to the point that the whole process is pretty smooth, and we’re getting in the…

  • IE6 Countdown

    [A site created by Microsoft themselves][link] for tracking and encouraging the 12% of the browsing populace still using IE6 due to personal failing or an IT department with their heads up their asses. According to their chart 34% of China still uses IE6. [link]: “IE6 Countdown”

  • Deadly Premonition’s 7 Steps To A Memorable Story

    [Gamasutra rounds up a GDC 2011 panel][link] with the director of last year’s surprise critical darling, xbox 360 game Deadly Premonition. The game was certainly an odd duck, but had so many varied ideas crammed into it that it was sort of fascinating. [link]: “Gamasutra – News – GDC 2011: Deadly Premonition’s 7 Steps…