23 April 2012

PNGPress, my PNG image compressor for Mac OS X, is available on the Mac App Store worldwide. Good developers know that making images for the web is a constant battle between quality and file size. Great developers use PNGPress. Try it and see for yourself. Here are some promo codes: WHW94KHHE6A4 TNEMH4JKHP3M HXJEMTHHPLHW 3XFE7AWMYJMX 6ALNJWWWYJJ4

Josh Clark .vs. Jakob Nielsen on Mobile Usability

12 April 2012

Kid gloves are off, and I’m with Clark: For all of Jakob Nielsen’s many great contributions to web usability over the years, his advice for mobile is just 180-degrees backward. His latest guidelines perpetuate several stubborn mobile myths that have led too many to create ‘lite’ mobile experiences that patronise users, undermine business goals, and […]

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