Introducing Twitov

[Twitov is a generative text bot that takes your Twitter history file and uses it to make new Tweets based on your own personality.][link] It’s free, all you need is your Twitter history file.

[link]: “Twitov”

Twitov is an Extra Future 6-hour project that ballooned into a week-long one. Whoops. Previous ExFu 6-hour Projects include [Kove][kove] (a community-editable Choose Your Own Adventure Game), [Liblr][liblr] (Something like Mad Libs for Twitter), and [Kreskin][kreskin] (An app that generates album covers for fictional bands based on real Flickr images, Wikipedia, and famous quotes).

[kove]: “Kove”
[liblr]: “Liblr”
[kreskin]: “Kreskin”

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