Year: 2013

  • websocketd

    >[websocketd is a small command line tool that will wrap an existing command line interface program, and allow it to be accessed via a WebSocket.][link] Sounds great. (via [Jesper][jesp]) [link]: “Github: joewalnes/websocketd” [jesp]: “Waffle”

  • homepage refresh

    So, we just launched an update to the [Structure Sensor homepage][link], and it features some neat HTML5 / CSS3 tech. I’m pretty happy with it. It required me to learn a few things, which I’ll hopefully have time to write about here soon. It also marks the first time I’ve ever encoded video in [WebM][webm]!…

  • Exploring canvas drawing techniques

    A [very well put-together interactive tutorial][link] and examination of drawing using the HTML canvas tag. Even if you’re pretty up on things, you might learn something new. [link]: “Perfection kills » Exploring canvas drawing techniques”

  • On Penny Arcade, Exploitation, and the Myth of the Do-Everything Rock Star

    [Christopher Buecheler][link] on Penny Arcade’s really sad job posting earlier this week: >You don’t want that job. There is no upside to taking it. You’ll be worked like a dog and paid like shit while you’re doing it, while Khoo, Krahulik, and Holkins continue cashing their trade show checks. > >Robert Khoo is a brilliant…

  • MK-ULTRA Games, Inc.

    The latest [awesome games studio][link] to come out of the Toronto indie scene is headed by my old friend, and publisher of [exp. Magazine][exp], Mathew Kumar. I am *dead chuffed*. See also: [Kotaku’s coverage of their first (forthcoming) game, Knight and Damsel.][knight] [link]: “MK-ULTRA Games, Inc.” [exp]: “Exp. Zine” [knight]: “Knight and…

  • Knock

    [Knock twice on your iPhone to unlock your Mac.][link] $3.99 on the App Store, and a really nice site that commits one major sin: Hijacking the user’s scroll momentum to guide them through the sections. This is happening a lot these days. We did some demos of this at Occipital for the [Structure Sensor website][structure],…

  • Cabel Sasser’s talk at XOXO

    [A tremendous and upbeat talk about endings, having a cliche meltdown, and the best time of your life.][link] Really can’t recommend this one enough. [link]: “▶ Cabel Sasser, Panic – XOXO Festival (2013) – YouTube”

  • Mock Response

    A super simple, but super useful, little [service that returns various HTTP status codes based the URL called][link]. Helpful tool for testing how your app responds to every HTTP status. [link]: “Mock Response”

  • Dnsyo – A DNS propogation tester

    [Looks like a handy little tool if you’re in the website business][link], and it even has a pithy one-line description: >In short, it’s nslookup, if nslookup queried over 1500 servers and collated their results. Bonus points for being open source and installable via `pip`. [link]: “Dnsyo by samarudge”

  • “Facebook abuses users, lies for money.”

    [Facebook lies to your friends and says you “liked” pages that you haven’t if their advertisers pay them enough.][link] [link]: “Mike Elgan – Google+ – Facebook abuses users, lies for money. A giant ad took…”

  • Who I Am and Where To Find Me (SITREP October 2013)

    Hi there. I’m Phil Nelson. I code up hot-shit HTML5, CSS, and Javascript user interfaces for [Occipital][occ]. We just launched [the Structure Sensor][structure], the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. I built [the website][site]. Real proud of it. I design cool-looking stuff for fun and sometimes profit, and post it to my [Dribbble account][dribbble]. I…

  • Introducing Harp – the static web server with built-in preprocessing

    [It slices, it dices, it generates static sites, it natively supports preprocessors like LESS and Stylus:][link] >Imagine you were choosing between PNG or JPEG for an image you wanted to serve. You would simply pick the right format for that use case because web servers support either, you need only drop the file in. That…