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  • Black Hole Wizard

    [My great friend and sometimes collaborator Eliza Gauger is starting a new comics series with writer Simon Berman called Black Hole Wizard.][link] Official info is scant thus far, but: >Created by writer, Simon Berman and artist, Eliza Gauger, Black Hole Wizard is a comic book series that explores the weirder recesses of science fiction and…

  • 101 Reasons to Shop

    [My friend and super-neat person Carly Monardo][link] has illustrated a book, [101 Ways To Shop, which is available today][book]. It was written by Jessica Waldorf, designed by Mary Austin, and is published by Harper Collins. [You should buy it.][buy] [link]: http://carlymonardo.blogspot.com/2011/04/101-reasons-to-shop.html “Carly Monardo’s Art Blog: 101 Reasons to Shop” [buy]: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0062045172 “101 Reason To Shop…

  • Eliza Gauger’s Handmade Button Packs

    [Sets of 5 buttons, each unique and handmade by the artist.][link] It is her birthday, [so buy something][buy]. [link]: http://toxoplasm.org/gibberings/?p=1204 “GIBBERINGS – Birthday Buttonsanity Biscounts” [buy]: http://toxoplasm.org/buttons/ “Eliza’s Buttons”

  • Ectomo.com Is Back Online

    I spent some of last week helping Eliza Gauger get ectomo.com back up and running, [and now it is][link]. Hooray!? [link]: http://www.ectomo.com/ “ECTOPLASMOSIS!”

  • Eliza Gauger’s SCREAMING NUB Shirt

    [Available in AA Short-Sleeve V-Neck and Ladies’ 5.8 oz. Cotton 2×1 Rib Tank][link]: > Are You Down wit da Nub?! WELL ARE YOU? I am. $18.75 gets one of these things. You can’t afford *not* to buy it. [link]: http://toxoplasm.org/gibberings/?p=1194 “GIBBERINGS – SCREAMING NUB T-Shirt and Tank Top Preorders: Are You Down wit da Nub?!”

  • Sweatshop: Art, Conversation, Madness

    [Sweatshop][link], the live art video show I produce, is next broadcasting on Friday, 12 March at 3pm PST. Mark your calendars using the substance of your choosing. I’m told we will be jamming the new soon-to-be-released [MC Frontalot][front] album, ZERO DAY, which Sweatshop’s host/creator [Eliza Gauger][eliza] did the back cover for. [link]: http://sweatshop.tv “Sweatshop” [eliza]:…


    [Eliza][el] has got [some shirts for sale on CafePress][link]: >In the internet broadcasting system, art-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In the SWEATSHOP, the dedicated artists who perpetuate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the SWEATY VICTIMS UNIT. [link]: http://www.cafepress.com/sweatshopSVU “SWEATSHOP: SWEATY VICTIMS UNIT” [el]: http://toxoplasm.org/gibberings/ “Eliza Gauger’s blog”

  • Shawn Medero’s Daily Briefs

    Of possible interest to readers of Extra Future: My old pubhacking pal [Shawn Medero is posting daily briefs][link] in the morning and afternoon varieties, collecting links and thoughts that come across his desk and brain. Our areas of overlap are remarkably slim. [link]: http://shawn.medero.net/ “Shawn Medero”

  • Buy Food For Artists Directly On Todays #SWEATSHOP

    [Eliza Gauger][link]: >I’ll have a SWEATSHOP account set up on Eat24Hours.com, a website that acts as a portal to every delivery restaurant with an online menu. You, the Sweaty Victims Unit, will be able to order food directly to the studio in order to sustain the artists during our long haul. Bay Area locals are…

  • Toronto-based iPhone Developers endloop Are Hiring A Junior Developer

    [Friends of Extra Future and all-around good guys][link]. I’d take the job myself if I had the Obj-C skills. [link]: http://blog.endloop.ca/blog/2010/02/16/were-hiring/ “We’re hiring! | endloop blog”

  • Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers from endloop

    My friends at [endloop][end] have released [a new solitaire game for your iPhone and iPod Touch][link]. It is $0.99 for the next 48 hours, and worth every penny. [link]: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arcade-solitaire-tritowers/id339038562?mt=8 “TriTowers” [end]: http://endloop.ca “endloop”

  • iHeartRate by Endloop

    [My friend Ken Seto’s iPhone/iPod Touch app, recently updated to version 1.1][link]. It’s one of the best-looking and friendliest health-related iPhone apps I’ve seen. [link]: http://endloop.ca/ “endloop inc.- fun, elegant iPhone apps and games”