State of The Extra Future: July 2010

I am Phil Nelson. I make websites. Lately I’ve made the fun Twitter toy [liblr][liblr], which lets your manipulate the public Twitter stream by replacing one word or phrase with another. My personal favorite is [replacing “my iphone” with “this big dildo I found”][replace]. I’ve also been producing [Eliza Gauger’s live art show, Sweatshop][swtshp]. That means I hit things with a hammer until they work how she wants.

[liblr]: “Liblr”
[replace]: “this big dildo i found is the new my iphone | Liblr”
[swtshp]: “Sweatshop”

Last month my tech demo of implementing the famous (and beautiful) [Mega Man II intro sequence in HTML5, CSS and jQuery][mm2] got [linked on Engadget][link] and I’m pretty happy about that.

[mm2]: “Mega Man II Intro”
[link]: “HTML5: seriously, it’s not just for video”

I have active profiles on [Twitter][twit], [][last], [Steam][steam], and my (somewhat outdated) portfolio is on [][port].

[twit]: “Phil on Twitter”
[last]: “Phil on”
[port]: “Phil Nelson’s portfolio”
[steam]: “Phil’s Steam profile”

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