Spring Cleaned

Extrafuture.com got “a new paint of coat,” today and I am using one of the (very easy-reading) default WordPress templates until I get the gumption to create my own again.

I keep wanting to post things here but it feels like the world has changed around this slice of the internet. The silos just keep getting bigger and more closed off. I am going to try to “go back” which of course always works out well for everybody.

Even discussing this makes me feel incredibly old. Maybe the indie web still exists. I guess there is only one way to find out…

State of The Extra Future: July 2010

I am Phil Nelson. I make websites. Lately I’ve made the fun Twitter toy liblr, which lets your manipulate the public Twitter stream by replacing one word or phrase with another. My personal favorite is replacing “my iphone” with “this big dildo I found”. I’ve also been producing Eliza Gauger’s live art show, Sweatshop. That means I hit things with a hammer until they work how she wants.

Last month my tech demo of implementing the famous (and beautiful) Mega Man II intro sequence in HTML5, CSS and jQuery got linked on Engadget and I’m pretty happy about that.

I have active profiles on Twitter, Last.fm, Steam, and my (somewhat outdated) portfolio is on philnelson.net.