Status Of My Predictions For The Sept 1st 2010 Apple Event

### iPod Touch

[Wrong on the capacity, it tops out at 64gb. Right about FaceTime cameras and everything else][touch]. This one was a gimme. If you look at [the Apple Store][classic] you will see that, despite it’s absence from the Keynote, they still sell iPod Classics with 160gb hard drives. It’s just a matter of time, though. I don’t think Apple is THAT sentimental. Apparently the Classic does serves a market big enough to keep it around for now. My guess? They won’t bury it on stage [like they did Mac OS9][os9].

[classic]: “iPod Classic”
[touch]: “iPod Touch”
[os9]: “OS 9 is dead, long live OS X”

### iPod Shuffle & Nano

Wrong and extra wrong. Not only is the shuffle still around, but they added the buttons back. It’s a fine gateway drug into the world of Apple/iTunes at the $49 price point. The Nano sticks at $149, loses it’s hardware buttons, loses the camera, and gains a multitouch display. It looks like it lost the ability to play video, too. The Nano replacing the shuffle was by far the wackiest of my predictions. No surprises.

### AppleTV

Wrong about switching the name of iTV, and glad to be wrong. Wrong about announcing a developer program. It does run iOS, though. Right about $0.99 TV show rentals (streaming, no less!).

### Other

Right about streaming content to iOS devices to AppleTV.

Predictions are a lot less fun once you know the truth.

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