Hi. I’m Phil Nelson. I make websites from my orbital platform which is currently hovering above the city of San Francisco. I use Twitter a lot, and have a Facebook account, as well as being on LinkedIn and Foursquare. I sometimes post bits and pieces of my design work to Dribbble. I’ve also made some stuff:

  • PNGPress: an application for Mac OS X which makes PNG images smaller, which makes your web pages load faster. It costs 99 cents on the Mac App Store.

  • Liblr: A little word replacement toy for Twitter. It lets you replace any word or phrase in the pubic Twitter stream with any other word or phrase. The results can be quite amusing, and overall it is good silly fun. Personal favorite: Replace the word “mad” with the word “fat”

  • Kreskin: Kreskin takes the title of random Wikipedia page, the last three words from a random quote, and a random Flickr image to create the cover of an album by a fictional band.

  • Kove: Kove is collaboratively created/edited adventure book, similar to but legally distinct from the books published under the Choose Your Own Adventure umbrella. It is named after 1980s actor Martin Kove.

  • la petite url: la petite url is a WordPress plugin which provides a self-hosted, customizable, URL shortener, for use on Twitter and stuff. Having your own short URLs gives people important context as to where the links you’re posting lead to. John August uses it. How rad is that?

  • Tybor: A chatterbot you can have a conversation with.

  • T-Shirts & Stickers: I’ve also created a couple t-shirt and sticker designs which are for sale on RedBubble.com. They’re pretty great. You should buy some. Toys and oatmeal don’t buy themselves.

That’s about it for now. Let’s be friends all over everything everywhere. K? Good.