Dear Samsung Senior Vice President of Product Development and Marketing Kevin Packingham


You recently declared “consumers want rectangles.” and I’m glad you finally figured out that Round Rects Are Everywhere, only 31 years after Apple did.

It’s good that your knockoff hardware designs are based on more recent stuff, like the iPhone. Maybe if you browse a little, you’ll find some more insights that you can shamelessly pretend are your own.


Tom Spurgeon on Comic-Con 2012

There are important thoughts and rumination, here, I think. A few choice pull-quotes:

comics at its worst adopts a consumer’s myopia where everything is colored by whether or not one’s own appetites are being met, and how, and to what extent.


The central dilemma of writing about something like San Diego Con is that you want to make strong choices in terms of what it all means, but doing so is ridiculous. It’s not blind men describing an elephant by touching an isolated part of its body; it’s blind men discussing the quality of being enjoyed by an elephant after touching an isolated part of its body.

I went this year, on Saturday, and I’m still somewhat decompressing.

“Could The World’s Fastest Shoe Really Have Come From A Printer?”

Fast Company:

The process allows Fusaro to take 3-D scans of a runner’s foot, use digital tools to cater the stiffness of the soles to the athlete’s physical abilities, then print the shoes out of nylon polyamide powder, a material that is “one of the strongest in the range of additive manufacturing,” Fusaro says

Uses 3d printing. How long before we can make our own shoes on our MakerBots?